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Go back to bed and keep dreaming


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Back to Bed is a fun puzzle game that uses a very similar gameplay to that of the brilliant ChuChu Rocket! from Dreamcast. It puts you in the skin of a strange character, Bob, who is a narcoleptic sleepwalker. Your goal is to return him safely to his bed.

Bob will always move in a straight line, no matter which level you're on, though he'll turn clockwise when he encounters an obstacle. Your goal is to guide him to his bed as best as you can. To do so you can move items and put them in his way so he turns in a certain direction.

The game has 12 different levels that pose 12 increasingly complex puzzles. In all of them, you'll discover new items that further complicate things.

Aesthetically speaking, Back to Bed is reminiscent of Giorgio de Chirico's drawings. The landscapes and dream elements, given the nature of the game, feel quite apt. And the fact that everything is three-dimensional and has very careful character modeling helps the general look of the game even more.

Back to Bed is a very entertaining game. Although it's rather short, it has an interesting gameplay, a fun premise, and very good graphics. Even better? It's completely free.

Demo version limits the number of registries that can be activated.

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